„After a tuning phase supported by Bücker specialists, Darktrace Antigena Email now runs practically self-sufficiently. We’ve been able to prove beyond doubt that Darktrace has identified and warded off attacks that our Microsoft security solution wouldn’t have recognised. Everything is running so well now that we only need to spend max. 15 minutes a day checking out one or two notifications.“

Manufacturer of drive components (Head of Security Operations)


„Cybereason has helped us take a huge leap forward in securing our IT environment.
We noticed we had been compromised just before installation and were therefore able to react quickly. I cannot understand why solutions like these aren’t used as standard.“

Manufacturer of medical aids and care products (Head of Network & IT Security)


„We originally planned to purchase a popular malware protection solution for our business. On consulting with a Bücker IT-Security senior consultant, we learned about more modern solutions such as EDR and XDR and, after a PoC, made the decision to go with a state-of-the-art machine learning-supported technology from Cybereason.“

Fashion company (Head of IT Security)


„In this age of hybrid working, we were faced with the challenge of ensuring our employees have fast and smooth access to corporate data no matter where they are working from. The Skyhigh solution has given us everything we need including ZTNA, remote browsing and fast and secure access to the cloud to name just a few!“

Construction material manufacturer (Head of IT and Infrastructure)


„A warning issued by the BSI meant we had to react quickly and with the support of Bücker specialists we were able to do just that and migrate to Bechtle’s managed security service environment at very short notice. Within just three hours, we were fully protected and had the time to look for a suitable permanent solution.“

City administration (IT and Data Security Manager)


„The expertise of Bücker IT’s specialists combined with their knowledge of machine learning/AI-based cyber defence solutions helped us take a fresh look at our endpoint security. As a business we are now in a position to defend ourselves against the latest adapted threats using modern methods—despite the fact we only have a small team.“

Mechanical Engineering company (Security Architect)


„Working closely together with Bücker consultants and leveraging the sophisticated features of the Darktrace NDR Enterprise solution, we were able to quickly and easily tackle a range of security issues in the cloud. The solution’s threat visualisation is one-of-a-kind and enabled us to identify and stop a brute force attack launched through a compromised Office 365 account. The Bücker specialists are on hand supporting us with viewing and analysing notifications and we can say without doubt that the service is worth its weight in gold.“

Manufacturer in the automotive industry (Security Cloud Architect)

Stadtverwaltung BSI-Meldung


A warning issued by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in March 2022 meant a customer had to disable its security suite at short notice, which opened the door to a wide-range of threats.

Not all modules in the customer’s environment could be replaced like-for-like immediately as system availability wasn’t guaranteed.


A prompt, flexible and complete transfer to an alternative security solution that ideally exceeded the existing security level.

It was also important that it shouldn’t make a difference if there were existing anti-malware components on the clients/servers or not and deployment needed to take place as quickly as possible in parallel.


The Bücker Emergency Security Team delivered a fast and simple transition in just four hours.

4 hours                                                     987

until solution up and running               end devices

Stadtverwaltung BSI-Meldung


The customer was faced with the challenge of not being able to find enough IT security specialists to put together a team. What’s more, they were faced with the extended absence of one of the Network & Security team’s managers, who was responsible for the entire Trellix (formerly known as McAfee) platform solution. The other colleagues in the team could no longer guarantee that they could react quickly enough to threats or configuration requests from the some 2,000 users, which posed a huge security risk.


The aim was to bolster the security team and compensate for the missing team member within the shortest possible time in order to work through all tasks as planned. The employees needed to be able to work worry-free with a consistent level of security.


The Bücker IT-Security Support Centre enabled the customer to focus on its core business while complying with high IT security specifications. Remote and on-site solutions ensured that the level of security could be maintained, but also optimised, which laid the foundations for the deployment of Bücker Managed Security


1 week                           2000
Time to go-live              users



The customer had recently fallen victim to a ransomware attack, but thanks to a backup, the impact could be kept to a minimum. Despite that, it was unclear if malware was still present in the network.


To check if the customer’s IT environment really was free of malware and if not, eliminate any lingering traces.


The Cybereason agent was temporarily installed on the server and client network as the customer’s endpoint protection solution couldn’t deliver the required insights.

In no time at all, the Cybereason AI monitoring feature detected IoCs from previous attacks and removed them. As a result, the customer decided to permanently install Cybereason.

2 days                      8500

Project time            User



A public authority noticed a large volume of data on their in-house server network and Cobalt Strike was discovered on clients and servers. Resetting client and admin passwords did not resolve the issue.


To identity and clean up compromised accounts.


The temporary installation of Cybereason on large parts of the customer’s environment identified compromised accounts as the endpoint protection in use did not provide the required visibility. This allowed all uncovered infections to be remedied and the customer resolved to procure Bücker IT-Security’s Managed Security Service.

3 days                     1800

Project time            users

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